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Funding Options

Find out about available and upcoming funding opportunities, including project grants and fellowships.

Translating Research into Practice Fellowship 2016

High-impact translational research is a key focus of Cure Brain Cancer's research strategy. The NHMRC/Cure Brain Cancer Translating Research into Practice (TRIP) Fellowship will provide an opportunity for a health professional to be part of making our mission a reality. 

Undertaking a translational research project in brain cancer and increasing the information flow between the lab and the clinic adds tremendous value to the understanding of both groups and will help to accelerate effective treatments for brain cancer.

Cure Brain Cancer requires acknowledgment in any publications or media relating to the supported research and requires a copy of any published articles arising from the supported research. Annual progress reports and financial acquittals will be required. Cure Brain Cancer may call upon fellows to provide assistance with publicity and other events to raise awareness of brain cancer and research. Fellowships may have additional conditions in relation to funding administered by Cure Brain Cancer.

To find out more about this Fellowship and to apply, please visit the NHMRC website. Remember to nominate Cure Brain Cancer on your application for co-funding.

Applications open 30 March 2016. 

Details from the NHMRC:

  • TRIP Fellowships provide support for health care professionals (e.g medical specialists, general practitioners, public health practitioners, physiotherapists, nurses, midwives, radiologists, and other allied health providers), health care personnel (health service managers, hospital department leaders, clinical trial managers) health systems personnel, health researchers and health policy makers to translate evidence into health care and public health improvements.
  • The Fellowships provide for 0.5 of a full time equivalent position and ensure time for Fellows to develop the range of skills needed for leadership in brain cancer research translation within their career.
  • TRIP Fellowships are not designed to support applicants already established as health care leaders. 

Postgraduate Scholarship 2016

Postgraduate Scholarships aim to support outstanding health and medical graduates early in their career so they can be trained to conduct research that is internationally competitive and develop a capacity for original independent brain cancer research within Australia.

Cure Brain Cancer Foundation will fund successful applicants to attain a brain cancer research based postgraduate degree (Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)). 

Please apply through the NHMRC website and remember to nominate Cure Brain Cancer on your application for co-funding. 

Applications open on 27 April 2016. 

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Fellowship & Scholarship Supporters

Thank you to the following supporters for donating to our 2016 Fellowship & Scholarship program:

Marcus Blackmore, Paul Anderson, Beverley Bermeister, David Thodey, Genevieve Teo, Ros Facey, Darren Munro, Anthony Abussi, Nicholas Abussi, Peter Achelles, Stephen Ainsworth, J Anderson, Louise Antico, Sally Bell, Catryna Bilyk, Sue Bishop, Mikael Borglund, Bill Bovingdon, Bluemouth Interactive, David Bush, Peter Butler, Tracey Cahill, Bill Calcraft, Anita Champion, Khang Chem & Claire Leska, Paul Chiodo, Claire Clayton, Frank & Marisa Colli, Joanna Collins, Ed Cooper, Brian Dean, David & Delora Devonshire, Emily Dowd, Joanne Drinnan, Benn Dullard, Jenny Dyer, Matthew Dyer www.bookwell.com.au, Luke Everingham, David Fenlon, Rebecca Fleming, Franklin Printing, Andrew Freelander, Darren Freemen, Jack Gance, Jenny & John Gigacz, William Gordon, Kiinda Grange, Ruth Grant, Bennett Griffiths, Rowena Hamilton, Jessica Hansson, Kaye Hansson, Robert Harrison, David Heaney, John Heike, Y A  Henry, Ryan Heyes, Paul Hillbrick, Nigel Hokin, Ivetic Family, Guyon Holland, Imperial Portfolio Pty Ltd, Colin Jackson, Anita Jacoby, Jane Jaggs, Jill Kelly, Wendy Lapointe, Libra Scale Service, S N Macdermid, Lynne Marchesani, Toni Martin, Nasser Mashni, Matthew McFarland,  Carmel McGregor Consulting, Karl Mentzer, B J Miall, Andrew Miall, Sandra Miller, Janine Mladin, Scott Nowell, Peter Osborne, Francis Pace, Cath Pasfield, Anthony Pearson, Julie Pollard & Linda Yu, Richard Quin, Step Up Renovation Pty Ltd, Richard Salamon, Charles Saliba, Mark Scarce, Steven Simpson, Debra Singh, Elliot & Krish Smale, Yvone Spothis, Peter Strasser, Gregory Symons, Jodie Tatterson, Peta Taylor, Taryn Tobin, Maria Tod, Craig Truscott, Alysha Waye, Cheryl & Chris Waye, Natalie Wheaton.

Project Grants

  • 2016 – There will be no project grant round held this year. Please check this page regularly for updates about upcoming project grant rounds.
  • 2015 – Grant funding from 2014 grant round commenced.
  • 2014 – Formal grant round held.

Have a look at the projects we fund in our Research Programs section.  

Annual Reporting Template for Funded Research

If you have received a grant from Cure Brain Cancer, please use this template to complete your annual report. If you have trouble opening the link as a Word document automatically, try right clicking on the link and select 'save link as' and it should save it as a Word document. 

This completed progress report should be included in the reporting documentation sent to Cure Brain Cancer. Please contact your institution’s grant office or Cure Brain Cancer’s grants administration office at research@curebraincancer.org.au if you have any questions about when your report is due, or any other requirements of reporting.