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Terms of Funding

See the terms of funding for Cure Brain Cancer funding opportunities.

The following process has been prepared by Cure Brain Cancer Foundation using reasonable endeavours but it is subject to change at any time.

  • Submission of any applications do not purport to be a contract with Cure Brain Cancer Foundation.
  • Grant funding is for a maximum of amount of time as set out per application. Renewal will only be possible by way of competitive reapplication.
  • The funding year will commence and terminate as per contract.
  • Regardless of the budget details for the grant requested, and the bases in which the grant offered was determined, the grant will be offered as a “one line” grant without specification of distribution between salaries and consumables. There will be no additional sums payable by the Foundation outside of this one line grant.
  • The grant must be spent wholly for the purposes for which it was requested and so certified by the investigators and the administering institution. In the event that the research is terminated early or completed at a lower than initially envisaged cost, the Foundation must be advised and any unspent funds returned.
  • Funds may not be used to cover any overhead costs levied by the administering institution.
  • The amounts requested will be very closely scrutinised by the Foundation to ensure that they reflect the true cost of doing the research proposed. The Foundation reserves the right to offer a grant sum that differs substantially from that requested by the applicants.