May is Brain Cancer Awareness Month. Journey with our CEO, Lance Kawaguchi, throughout the month as he meets with the best minds in brain cancer research in the United States to collaborate globally and drive to find a cure for brain cancer. Read the second installment of the CEO Diaries below!


My second blog reflects my conversations with renowned Hollywood director Nicholas (Nick) Reed. Nick is an Oscar-winning filmmaker and founder of Shareability, the world’s first STORYTECH company that combines Oscar-level storytelling and Silicon Valley technology to break through the noise and build explosive growth for brands. 

I first met Nick in London many years ago and was impressed with his simplicity and candour. Nick is making things happen in the digital space and has collaborated with some big names like Cristiano Ronaldo, Leonardo Di Caprio, and companies like Unilever, Mars and Adobe. His idea of brand speak was to build an emotional connection to a cause or product that has a positive feedback loop. In other words, Nick was invested in understanding why people support a brand or organisation, build that brand, and then make sure the brand helps gives something back to its patrons and followers. His ideas resonated with my vision for the Foundation.

As the CEO of Cure Brain Cancer Foundation, my focus has been to amplify awareness of brain cancer, collaborate globally for trials and treatments, expedite trials like GBM AGILE to Australia and support brain cancer research from the lab to the clinic. I have always believed that the community is my compass and always focused on the need for everyone to be informed and updated with the latest happenings.

At Cure Brain Cancer Foundation, 2021 was a significant year. Like many others, we were restricted from doing in person events. It meant our ability to fundraise for brain cancer research was challenged. It was also a huge challenge for our community, which had always come together physically to support one another.

But like Einstein once said, “The world that we have created, is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without our thinking,” and my interpretation of that is to be a disruptive leader and thinker. We pivoted to the digital platform for a virtual offering with the Walk4BrainCancer campaign, and it was a great success. The virtual nature of the event allowed us to reach many more people that previously could not attend the physical events or locations. It also helped us lower our costs and better prioritise those funds towards research, like the world’s largest brain-cancer dedicated Clinical Accelerator we launched in 2021. Moreover, it helped us grow as an organisation to adapt, learn, and use the digital space and the amazing opportunities it offers.

As a small charity based in Australia, our ambitions are far-reaching. We want a cure for brain cancer, and we want to improve the quality of life of those living with the dreaded disease now. We believe in collaboration, amplifying the realities of brain cancer; the survival rate that hasn’t changed in over 30 years, the cost to people and families, and the lack of new therapies and treatments. We want to inform everyone about our work in supporting researchers, academics, clinicians, and biotechs to accelerate research from the lab to the patients. We want to unite our community and increase survival and quality of life for those impacted by brain cancer. Lastly, we also want to create change and inspire others through our Global Ambassador Program.

Nick is a Global Ambassador for the Foundation having signed on in 2021. Our ambassadors volunteer their time, expertise, and connections to support the Foundation in its mission. My meeting with Nick as part of Brain Cancer Awareness month focused on assessing the Foundation’s digital strategy and how we can better amplify awareness of this disease across the globe in the next 12 months, continuing to build on the momentum of the past year. Nick and the team at Shareability have made the incredible decision to support this important work pro-bono and are providing valuable insights to help us achieve our goals, as they understand the importance of greater awareness to enable greater funding for medical research, which will in turn enable better outcomes for patients.

I am thrilled and honoured that Nick Reed has chosen to come on board with our mission and would like to thank him for his dedication to promote the cause of brain cancer research. We look forward to leaning in and learning from him to heighten our digital capabilities and improve fundraising and awareness activities.

In Nick’s own words, “As a Global Ambassador, I intend to support the Foundation and its goals. On a personal note, I have known Lance Kawaguchi for a long time… Lance is a true visionary leader and has a track record of building and turning around under-performing organizations by implementing a disciplined, efficient, and net results-driven approach.  He is also deeply passionate about ESG, Diversity & Inclusion, Biotechnology, and creating a high-performing environment based on merit.  I have been aware for many years that Lance planned to take some time out of his career for social impact and jumped at the opportunity to work with him when he asked me to be a Global Ambassador.” 

I look forward to continuing to work with Nick to help Cure Brain Cancer Foundation create powerful and compelling digital content to help raise awareness for brain cancer. We cannot wait for the magic to happen!


By Lance Kawaguchi

Watch this space to follow Lance’s travel in the United States as he meets prominent brain cancer researchers, academics, organisations, and seeks out new collaborations to benefit the brain cancer community and drive awareness for the cause.

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