Over the past few months, our Foundation’s team and community have worked hard towards establishing vital collaborations and raising funds to support important brain cancer research. I am incredibly proud to share some of the outcomes of our collaborative effort since July:

  • Clinical Accelerator: Worth up to $2,000,000 in funding, the Foundation recently launched the world’s largest brain cancer-dedicated Clinical Accelerator program. The program aims to progress drugs and therapies from the pre-clinical environment of the lab to the point where they can be delivered to patients in a clinic.
  • National Advocacy ServiceIn collaboration with the Peace of Mind Foundation, we have launched the National Advocacy Service. This will directly assist families with accessing support services including the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), Centrelink and other government programs. Applications for this service open on November 3rd.
  • GBM AGILE: Our Foundation has announced our commitment to bring GBM AGILE to Australia as quickly as possible. GBM AGILE is an innovative clinical trial which accelerates the pace at which drugs and new therapies are tested for brain cancer and represents the quickest and most effective way to rapidly find a cure for GBM.
  • Walk4BrainCancer: Our flagship event this year, Walk4BrainCancer, has been the most successful Walk4BrainCancer ever. Despite the challenges of COVID, we learned to adapt quickly by pivoting to digital and together we have raised nearly $1,900,000 to date, which will go towards funding brain cancer research.
  • Early Career Fellowship:This year’s Early Career Fellowship was awarded to Dr Yolanda Sanguino in September. This grant of $340,000 over three years will provide support and stability so Dr Sanguino can focus on her research that aims to uncover novel therapies for the deadliest childhood brain cancer, DIPG.
  • Global Ambassador Program: For the first time ever, the Foundation has established a Global Ambassador Program, announcing Oscar-winner Nick Reed, industry leader Liz Dillon, and strategy expert Chris Marshall as our inaugural Global Ambassadors. Our Global Ambassadors voluntarily connect the brain cancer community with their vast networks, drive our message across a global scale, and ensure ongoing support for our Foundation into the future.
  • Burpees4BrainCancer: We have also launched our first ever Burpees4BrainCancer challeng This campaign challenges participants to do 1500 Burpees throughout the month of November to raise funds to increase brain cancer survival and quality of life. 1500 represents the number of people who lose their lives to brain cancer in Australia each year. To take part in the challenge, join the 1500 Burpees in November Facebook group, follow the links to sign up to the challenge and create your Facebook fundraiser.

I’m very happy to share these outcomes with our community. Despite the challenges of the pandemic and being unable to host physical walks, we were innovative, solutions-focused and pivoted to digital to achieve these milestones together.  It is a testament to what we can achieve when we work together, focus, and collaborate to achieve a common goal.

All these achievements would not be possible if not for our collaborative partners, researchers and most importantly, our community. We look forward to updating you all on our upcoming campaigns and projects. Together at Cure Brain Cancer Foundation, we will not stop until brain cancer does.




Lance Kawaguchi

CEO, Cure Brain Cancer Foundation