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David Wolf's story

By Alan Wolf 

My son, David, was not your average 22-year-old. Each day, whether it be at school, uni, holidays, or home, was highlighted with fun. David had an innate way of making each of his friends and family members feel they were really special. And we were; we received an abundance of love, happiness and laughter.

The news that the headaches were in fact caused by a brain tumour and that emergency surgery was required was mortifying. As the day played out it became clear that our only hope was surgery. The problem was that the surgeon had been in surgery all day and was planning to leave to go overseas the next morning. We managed to get David’s scans sent to the surgeon in theatre and received the wonderful message: “get him ready, he’s next”

The surgery ended around midnight. David was home two days later and adjusted to a life taken up with chemo and radiation. He understood the dreadful statistics, but was determined to live his life, choosing not to be a statistic.

After surgery, we got another 11 glorious months with David. In that time he climbed Masada in Israel, climbed pyramids in Mexico, and skied morning to night. 

He commented that in some way he was grateful – if it weren't for the cancer he would not appreciate how wonderful his life was. 

His legacy to all of us was that we would experience his presence at times of our own joy and happiness.

The Wolfy Foundation was formed and is fundamentally operated by David’s mates, with some assistance from family. They continue to struggle with the gap left in their lives.

They have chosen to transfer their grief into a driving force to raise money for vital brain cancer research, advocacy and awareness.

A “Friends of Wolfy” party in 2014 raised $28,000. The Foundation has sinced raised much more by partnering with Cure Brain Cancer Foundation to hold the annual Spring Ball. Our sponsors and donors have been truly remarkable. We bear daily witness to the best of human nature and kindness.


Please join us at this year's Spring Ball on Saturday,  22 September, and party for a purpouse to raise vita funds and awareness for brain cnacer

Together, we will find answers to those questions and change the world for children with brain cancer, both now and in the future.

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