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Introducing Cure Brain Cancer Foundation


Cure Brain Cancer is an extraordinary partner in the international collaborative effort in brain cancer research. I am convinced that their efforts will ultimately benefit patients in Australia and around the world.” 

- Professor Webster K. Cavenee Ph.D. Director, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, San Diego      

2013 was a year of change and progress for Cure For Life Foundation. We have remained the largest fundraiser dedicated to brain cancer research in Australia, but we have become more determined, more focussed and better connected to the global brain cancer research community. We have grown and developed new strategies, including our Research Strategy, to achieve our mission to increase five-year survival to 50% within 10 years.

We realise that we need to do things differently if we are to solve the complex problem of brain cancer. This begins by thinking differently about ourselves. To challenge the norm, we need to shake things up. We need to be innovative and bold if we are going to change the game and significantly improve outcomes for patients. 
Introducing...Cure Brain Cancer Foundation.

Why we’ve rebranded

Our new brand is an evolution bringing clarity of purpose and focus for the future. Our mission and our values have not changed, but this development reflects our determination to succeed. We remain true to our purpose and are dedicated to improving outcomes for brain cancer patients. Our new name is an explicit statement of our ultimate goal; our new tagline – ‘Many minds, one purpose’ – is an indicator of the collaborative approach through which we will succeed.

Our heart is still purple, the colour of courage, and the Crane remains our symbol, representing longevity and good fortune. We have kept the word “cure” because this is the ultimate aspiration – to cure. Both breast cancer and leukaemia are now widely considered to be chronic manageable diseases, no longer a death sentence. We want to emulate this success. We strongly believe we can do the same with brain cancer.


Informing our supporters

We have tried our best to ensure that everyone has been informed of the change in a timely manner using different channels. It is important that you, our supporters, are part of our evolution.



Our ACN and ABN will remain the same. 
ABN: 22 121 906 036 
ACN: 121 906 036

Cheque payments


If you have made a cheque out to Cure For Life Foundation it will still be honoured under our new name Cure Brain Cancer Foundation.


We have been fortunate to receive help from a number of partners on a pro or low-bono basis, which has helped to keep the cost of the rebrand to a minimum. We are very grateful to all these organisations who have contributed legal, financial and creative expertise. The new brand will help us reach new audiences, increase awareness and, consequently, raise more funds for brain cancer research, so this initial expenditure will ultimately benefit patients.

Old stock and merchandise

We have already run down our stocks of Cure For Life Foundation branded merchandise and stationery. Any remaining stocks will be used wherever possible before we start using Cure Brain Cancer branded material, to keep wastage to a minimum. 

A message from our CEO

“Cure Brain Cancer is a name more aligned to our purpose and makes a stand to galvanise and facilitate the efforts of individuals and organisations who want to support and fund brain cancer research in Australia. There is a real sense of momentum and co-ordination behind brain cancer research and with our national research roadmap and international collaborations, aligned to the establishment of global priorities, we are excited about what the future holds.

"Now is the time to unite and fund our national Research Strategy through Cure Brain Cancer’s dedicated and ever-expanding community.” 

- Catherine Stace, CEO, Cure Brain Cancer Foundation.


If you have any questions about how this may affect current fundraising efforts, need our new logo, or have any questions about branded materials for events or fundraisers please contact us on 02 9550 5244 or at communications@curebraincancer.org.au