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Erin's fight for children




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[Visual Text]: Erin Making A Difference | Erin Griffin Fighting Brain Cancer (DIPG)

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[Erin Griffin] “My name is Erin Griffin. I’m 13 years old and I have brain cancer.”

[Visual Text]: A Future Uncertain | A Promising Present

[Erin Griffin]: “The tumour I have is ‘DIPG’.  Currently there is no cure or treatments for this.”

[Visual Text]: Life Sentence | Erin Griffin in a New York City jail May 7, 2013

[Erin Griffin]: “Children diagnosed with ‘DIPG’, on average, live for only 9 months. I see myself as lucky as I am approaching two years since my diagnosis. Since I was diagnosed with brain cancer, I have had two brain operations, unsuccessful chemotherapy, and thirty rounds of radiation. In July 2012, I was told I only had a few months to live. 

[Visual Text]:  Smashing Walnuts | International Edition, with Erin & Gabriella, in Washington, DC

[Erin Griffin]: “Since October 2012 I have been on a phase one clinical trial. I travel from Adelaide to Sydney to get chemotherapy every month.”

[Visual Text]: Erin, Gabriella and Nicole at Curefest | We Will Miss You, Julianna

[Erin Griffin]: “It isn’t fair that cancer took my friends away from me, and it isn't fair that children are dying, because there is not enough awareness or funding.”

[Visual Text]: Gabriella Miller | “If I go. If I lose my battle then I’m going to want all the people to carry on with the war. They’re gonna win this war!”

[Erin Griffin]: “I don’t understand why childhood cancer research gets so little funding - when children are our future, and they have their whole lives ahead of them.”


[Erin Griffin]: “When I was diagnosed with cancer, I didn’t tell anyone. And that was because there was no childhood cancer awareness.”

[Visual Text]: TWO CONTINENTS, ONE MISSION | American Jonathan Agin & Australian Erin Griffin Speak at CureFest

[Erin Griffin]: “This is how I looked when I took steroids while I was on radiotherapy, and this is me now. It’s not fair that parents are losing their children, It’s not fair that kids are losing their brothers and sisters.  And it makes me sick, that if someone did something about this ten years ago, (that) all the kids would be alive today.

Childhood cancer receives less than 1% of the Australian Cancer Research Budget, and this needs to change.

I’m going to carry on raising childhood cancer awareness. And I’m going to do this in honour of the kids who lost their lives to cancer.”

[Visual Text]:      Last week Australian Erin Griffin brought international attention to the lack of funding for childhood cancer research! | This week American Gabriella Miller brought international attention to the lack of funding for childhood cancer research!

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