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Josh Gliddon's Tour for a Cure

Josh and his mates, who will be riding from Melbourne to Perth from 27 September. 

By Josh Gliddon 

 In April 2015 at just 24 years old I was admitted to hospital curious, to find a reason as to why I was diagnosed with Diabetes Insipidus (DI) three years previously. DI is a rare condition that affects the pituitary gland within the brain, and the main symptoms are irregular thirst and urination. Like most of my friends I was active in sport, loved to travel, shared an amazing relationship, had just completed my university degree, and felt on top of the world. I had no reason to expect I was about to be diagnosed with germinoma, a form of brain cancer.

Cancer of any kind is one of the toughest battles an individual can go through because it differs for all patients. However with the right mindset, positivity, strength and support, the medical treatments we have available for cancer patients can ease that battle a little, especially when there is a driving force.

When I was diagnosed with brain cancer, my Oncologist’s plan was four full weeks of chemotherapy and six full weeks of radiotherapy.  During this challenging time, I met some incredible nurses and doctors at Fiona Stanley Hospital in Perth. I also learnt about the terrible survival rate of brain cancer patients. At that time, I needed (and definitely received) the very best support from friends and family. 

My school friend Cody would often check in on me during treatment to see how I was tracking. One rainy afternoon, I realised he wasn’t just asking me that question to keep my mind off that treatment. He wanted to know if I was able to take part in an epic challenge to raise funds for a charity here in Australia. We’ve always been keen cyclists, but we hadn’t really taken part in any kinds of endurance challenges. That’s when Cody asked if I would cycle across Australia with him to raise money for a charity. 


Of course, there was no hesitation in my response. I said yes straight away. I was SO keen! This was my driving force to get rid of the cancer and get a clean bill of health. By December 2015, I was given full remission. The moment I was given the news is by far the best day of my life and I’ll never forget it. It’s also given me a real passion to give back to the research and medical industry that I am so grateful to already.

Our challenge – Tour For A Cure – sets off from Melbourne on 27th September. Me and six of my closest mates will be cycling 3,600km, through 25 towns from Melbourne to Perth, raising money and awareness for Cure Brain Cancer Foundation. You can follow us along the way at our Facebook page. I’ll be on my Specialised Roubaix Road Bike and we’ll be averaging around 138km per day in total. If all goes to plan we’ll finish up at Fiona Stanley Hospital where I received my treatment on 21st October.

I’m doing this because I’m shocked that only two in ten people survive brain cancer for five years. That statistic alone inspires me to fundraise and do everything I can to have an impact on the survival rate. 

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