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Boosting Australia's brain cancer infrastructure

These vital brain cancer models are used by researchers to test new drugs and therapies in the lab. Dr Day has shared these with Prof Michael Brown and Prof Stuart Pitson at the University of South Australia, Prof John Pimanda at UNSW, Dr Peter Wookey at the University of Melbourne, Prof Linda Richards and Prof Martin Lavin, A/Prof Michael Piper at the University of Queensland, Prof Terrance Johns at the Telethon Kids Institute, A/Prof Geraldine O’Neill, A/Prof Lenka Munoz, A/Prof Anthony Don and Prof Michael Kassiou at the University of Sydney, Prof Stephen Rose at the CSIRO, Dr Guy Barry at QIMR Berghofer, and Prof Jeremy Rich at the Cleveland Clinic. 

“The primary GBM models generated and characterised have proven exceedingly useful to the research community and are now used in almost every brain cancer research laboratory in Australia, and several overseas. These resources have resulted in 24 scientific publications to-date. The funding provided from this Cure Brain Cancer Foundation grant continues this vital service.” - Dr Bryan Day

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