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Zero Childhood Cancer

Cure Brain Cancer is excited to be co-funding one of the most exciting childhood cancer research initiatives ever undertaken in Australia, Zero Childhood Cancer. 

 Zero Childhood Cancer

Zero Childhood Cancer is a personalised medicine program which gives hope to children with the highest risk of treatment failure or relapse, such as those with brain cancer, which kills more children than any other disease in Australia.

One of the key issues is that every child and every cancer is unique, yet current treatments operate on a ‘one size fits all’ basis and chemotherapy is largely ineffective in many types of brain cancer.  

In response, Cure Brain Cancer Foundation is helping to fund the biggest ever Australian program of its kind to find new treatments for children with brain cancer, to extend survival but also to reduce the harm caused by current treatments. 

"Our goal is to ensure that new and innovative treatments are available to people living with brain cancer as quickly as possible. We will achieve this by funding innovatively designed clinical trials, personalised treatment and the integration of research into clinical care. We are proud to be supporting this initiative which is completely aligned with our approach for brain cancer."

- Michelle Stewart, Head of Research Strategy, Cure Brain Cancer 

Led by researchers from Children’s Cancer Institute and clinicians from Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick, it involves the detailed laboratory analysis of each child’s unique cancer cells, to help identify the drugs most likely to kill their cancer. 

Researchers and clinicians will then work collaboratively to identify and deliver the most effective treatment plan, specifically tailored to suit each child’s individual disease.

The big picture is that this could accelerate new treatments to children who need it most and who don’t respond to current options.

“This is a very exciting initiative that will revolutionise the way in which treatment decisions about childhood cancer will be made”

Professor Michelle Haber AM,  Executive Director, Children’s Cancer Institute 

The first stage of the trial launched in 2016 and the eventual aim by 2020 is for every child with high risk brain cancer to have the opportunity to participate.

In the first stage of the Program, scientists and doctors will open a pilot study to high risk NSW cancer patients in 2016. Following successful completion of the pilot study, a national clinical trial involving 120 children will open in 2017. When fully implemented, the Program will be offered to children throughout Australia who are at highest risk of relapse or treatment failure. 

Zero Childhood Cancer journey 

“Knowing which drugs will not be effective in a patient is as important as knowing which drugs will be effective” 

- Professor Glenn Marshall AM, Director of the Kids Cancer Centre at Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick, and Head of Translational Research at Children’s Cancer Institute

Cure Brain Cancer’s mission is to increase five-year survival to 50 per cent by 2023. 

To find out more about Zero Childhood Cancer visit the Program website.  

Working with partners in Australia and internationally, Cure Brain Cancer is helping to steer the global brain cancer research agenda and bring world-class clinical trials like this one to Australia, as well as supporting Australian science to get new treatments from the lab to the clinic.