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Conflict of Interest Policy
(Based on NHMRC guidelines) 

We are committed to fair review of all grant applications ensuring any Conflicts of Interest are dealt with consistently, transparently and with rigour. The essence of a quality peer review process demands all participants act in good faith, in an open and sensible manner.

We have a clear policy in place for Conflict of Interest situations that may arise in the course of its various activities and these guidelines will assist in the interpretation and implementation of that policy. We acknowledge that there are many forms of Conflict of Interest.

It is an important fundamental of the peer review process that people within the field have access to other grant applications. This is a privilege not to be abused and reviewers must act in accord with these guidelines and accepted international practices in peer review.

Listed below are the principal areas where conflicts may arise:

    • direct involvement in the application as Principal Investigator or Associate Investigator;
    • direct or potential involvement due to a personal financial interest in the outcome of the granting process; 
    • potential involvement as a scientific, or departmental/institutional colleague;
    • perceived involvement due to a family/personal relationship, either currently or during the past five years;
    • if at any time there has been a verbal or written dispute between an applicant and the individual acting for Cure Brain Cancer Foundation; and/or
    • any other perceived conflicts.